Led lamp made the government introduced new regulations

Led lamp made the government introduced new regulations

led lamp made the government introduced new regulations
singapore led The support of the national R & D investment and market demand, driven by energy-saving lamps in China led by the rapid increases in technology, technological innovation and gradually narrow the gap between international standards, the application of the system integration is expected through technological innovation to achieve leapfrog development. Especially in the field of general lighting, our product range or the application of both the scale of both global leader, and a large number of products exported to the United States, Europe, Japan and other developed countries around the world including, China has become the LED bulb, radio lights, downlights and other global manufacturing base, manufacturing capacity and export volume ranks first in the world. Development and Reform Commission jointly with relevant departments are considering LED into the "Green Lighting Project", and is expected to be part of the LED products in the first year into the financial subsidies.

However, the current domestic and foreign manufacturers have introduced their own LED lighting products, but the interface specifications of various products are different, the performance is not compatible with the lack of a complete series of specifications, supply of products are not interchangeable between manufacturers, and because LED technology updates replacement fast, spare parts and new product performance is no guarantee of compatibility, resulting in limited application and follow-up maintenance work, resulting in limitations of the user product selection. Another style of many LED lighting products, the market is divided into many small blocks, the relevant parts supplier for such a variety of specifications, quality and production capacity could easily lead to instability, and the waste of resources, can not achieve large-scale production, the cost is difficult to have a big decline in space. LED product specification interface specification, between the light source and to achieve different lighting products manufacturers of the "interchangeability", "compatibility" and "versatility" is a LED lighting products to reduce costs and improve the key to market acceptance. Especially when the idea of modular products has been a broad consensus in the industry, but all manufacturers have their products in the realization of modular, modular products can only be interchanged in the same enterprise, the industry can not be interchanged. Only by achieving industry-wide standardization can really expand the application modules, companies can achieve large-scale production, the industrial chain to be effective division of labor to improve efficiency.

Therefore, the State Lighting R & D and industrial alliance "second five" Technology Support Program of the organization and implementation, will soon begin to integrate the advantages of industry resources to carry out standardization of LED products, interface specification, based on the actual application of various light sources light ray machine interface specifications and standardization of interface specifications to develop products, technical specifications, and guide the industry to implement the module, product versatility and interchangeability between, and will actively promote the relevant norms at the national level, enforcement, protection of semiconductor lighting products The technology can bring change and upgrade the product performance.