LED Tape Lighting: What Is It?

LED tape light is a flexible narrow strip with LED’s mounted on its surface. They are energy efficient, have lower maintenance costs, flexible, have extensive color options, are dimmable and programmable, and have a long lifetime, lasting longer than any other lighting option. At less than an half inch in height, LED tape lights are easily installed with adhesive backsides and can be placed where no other lights could go before, even underwater. Applications include both interior and exterior, with color changing and waterproofing options available. The lights utilize thin strips of LEDs that adhere to surfaces unfit for traditional fixtures, bathing the most unusual places with dimmable warm white light or a rainbow of vibrant colors for a virtually undetectable, surprisingly unpredictable effect. Other aspects of tape lighting include rugged and vibration resistant, instantaneous output, performing well in extreme cold temperatures, as well as being environmentally sound, with no damaging UV or infrared radiation.
LED tape is ideal for a multitude of purposes where fluorescent or halogen lights would be too bulky and consume too much power. It is coasted with resin to make it splash proof and suitable for various lighting applications in the home. The LEDs produce a 140 degree wash of light which will create an unbroken light if the LED tape is at least 2-3 inches away from the surface the light is being projected onto. The tape is also coated with a flexible resin which makes it more durable and wipeable. The lighting is extremely thin with a depth of just 3mm, having has a 3M self-adhesive backing, so it is easily applied to most smooth surfaces by simply removing the backing paper. It is ideal for shelf lighting including edge lighting, glass shelves, sign lighting, back lighting, contour lighting, lighting architraves, cupboard and cabinet lighting, as well as door frames, etc.                     
The LEDs used in the tape are 3 Chip SMD LEDs like the ones used to back light the screens of the latest mobile phones and MP4 players.  It also stays at a safe low voltage of 12vdc,  which is very energy efficient at just 6 watts per meter. The LED tape only has to be connected to the power at one end, with a wire on each end to allow daisy chaining or cutting at least once without having to make new connections.  Finally, the lighting produces a wide 120 degree glow which gives a reflected glow similar to that of neon from nearby surfaces and objects; there aren't dots or hotspots of light given by the LEDs. In the end, LED tape lighting is the future of lights as we know it, if you love it, please visit www.JRALED.com.  Look no further.  2012.06-30