Why Change?


Green lamps have five key advantages:
1- Low energy consumption: The long term power savings may be even greater. Many high power external lights use an increasing amount of energy as their light output deteriorates. This simply doesn’t happen with an green lamp (LED or LEL).

2- Low temperature: Our green lamps are very efficient – with an output of up to 95 lumens per watt for the larger lamps. One of the benefits of this is that the lamps run comparatively ‘cool’. This extends the life of the lamp, the housing and the control gear. We often see external lights with an ‘opaque’ lens, this is caused by the enormous heat from the lamp damaging the lens. This does not happen with our green lamps.

3- Long life: Our induction lamps have no moving parts, the tube is completely sealed and there is no filament to burn away or fail. As a consequence the lamps have a warranty of 12 months and an expected life of 75,000 hours.

4- Almost Maintenance free: instant strike and no cooling down. Induction lighting is ‘fit and forget’.
The energy savings are significant, but maintenance cost savings can be even greater.

5- Convert your existing fittings: More than 80% of the green light kits we provide are fitted into an existing lamp housing. This makes the conversion very cost effective. It also makes sense as part of your carbon reduction strategy. It makes no sense to us, if the energy saving benefits of converting to low energy lighting are negated by the energy used to make new light housings and dispose of the old ones.