Lighting four questions of the enterprise how to solve?

Lighting four questions of the enterprise how to solve?

Lighting four questions of the enterprise how to solve?
Problem a: Singapore LED energy-saving fluorecent tubes product positioning, did you find?
In the new business, enterprise need money and manpower and material resources, also exist certain risks. For a strange products field, the company product, consumer shopping preferences of the trend, but still need to grasp the precise understanding, a process of gradually familiar. Similar YuTianLang, many famous enterprises guanhua etc, also hard to avoid can adjust lighting, electric business in the first go some pains. But it also reminds us that, in line for the expansion, consumer market, product development trend, find the full investigation of individualized product positioning, and how, differentiation between shape category is a door to do homework.
In addition to terminal consumer grasp how to deal with the new product, the competition between the mainstream enterprise field is very important. At present, whether lighting industry, electronic industry, although still exist in low maturity and confusion of market trade, but, in their respective fields, there are many do very well, such as the strength of enterprises, the leishi lighting industry oupuoptics, Electric field of philips, panasonic, etc. These enterprises in their respective areas of focus with strong core technology, a huge production force, channel network and brand influence also has many years of accumulation. Therefore, as a coveted market cake "intruder", and they are still avoid confrontation, its abilities? What kind of products with new areas, and cut with what kind of product strategy for market share? ... Of these, the enterprise should have a prior to heart.
With the experience of pain financial crisis, compared to long days guanhua lighting launched a new business appear smooth electrician. By 2010, either upstream and downstream of the terminal market, or the electrical industry will appear more smoothly. Of course, in addition to cut the climate is better in electrical engineering, make full use of the original channels advantages, is also guanhua lighting electrical new business smoothly.
"Using the original source advantage, business smoothly."
2009, there are many dealers to guanhua lighting chairman, often early than many customers into their stores will be to purchase products such as switches, sockets. However, because of no corresponding guanhua electrician product, they also had to agency other electrician brand.
This is the very early and more. In the national guanhua lighting 12000 has more nodes, far more boutiques, such a wide sales network, and let the dealer sales for cooperation of others, why guanhua electrician product also do not lighting some product development? Thus, the company not only in the channel, the marketing personnel this needn't other excessive investment premise, also can open a new business growth. And, standing on the dealer's point of view, it can enrich and perfect their product line.
This is a both looks perfect thing. Hence, the early start of investigation and research results are overjoyed. In general, the more than ", we must support you." In numerous distributors consistent requirements of electrical products in October 2009, dong began to electrical products of study. After the preliminary planning, redeemed by 2010 at the end of April, guanhua lighting distributor conferences held a formal, five series of electrical products listed ablaze.