Implement the illumination energy conservation measures

ingpore Led Implement the illumination energy conservation measures
the smallest country investment, the effect is. From 2006, July 18 on, China will energy-saving  attestation product into authorities purchasing to discuss. In order to further enlarge the eve of energy-saving product purchase category, add the eve of authorities in energy conservation product authorities purchasing things dynamics, according to the office of the state council concerning establishment authorities persecute purchasing energy saving products rail system of care "and" energy conservation product sourcing execute an "authorities delimit, finance, kingdom NDRC to 2010 July again mediation and released issue 8" energy saving products ", confirm the authorities purchasing list air-conditioner, lighting products (include double end ZhenLiu fluorescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, since the ocl fluorescent lamp, tubular fluorescent ballasts), TV, electric water heater, calculating machine, printer, performance device, implement, nine categories of products such as water mouth to persecute purchasing energy saving products. Authorities
Material performance, China lighting electricity accounts for about 12 per cent of the total social power consumption calculate, accept efficient j experts lighting products to replace conventional inefficient electricity-saving lighting product can 60% ~ 80%, if use 10 watts of energy-saving lamps instead of brightness near 60 watts of incandescent lamp, take the world by 12 million, promote every 4 hours everyday things only energy-saving lamps, regardless of every year is proportionate to throttle year-round generating capacity, near the three gorges hydropower station in a one part provinces year-round electricity quantity. In the contemporary era foster, illumination electricity saving has tense significance.

Today have launched energy-saving attestation of lighting electrical products include: ordinary since ZhenLiu fluorescent lamp, ordinary wetting wetting double end fluorescent lamp, one-port fluorescent lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, fluorescent tubular with ballast, high-pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp with ballasts with ballast and iacon lighting system. Through the process of two years, China quality certification skills development among (CQC) coming to semiconductor (LED) lighting products develop energy-saving attestation things, the first comprehensive iacon/tunnel lighting LED products, LED canister light and reflective since ZhenLiu LED lamp three product.

CQC is the kingdom of energy-saving product inter alia authentication institutions, established the efficient lighting appliance product certification and identify the rail system. Energy-saving product authorities to discuss the product of purchasing in need of via process CQC "section" the word mark authentication, may be authorities procurement to take.

According to the principles of voluntary, enterprises can apply for certification application, proposed energy-saving product if suit product efficiency scales (or skills sample) and energy-saving product certification practice law requirements, and approved by CQC procuratorial confirmation, can obtain by CQC promulgated by the China energy conservation product certification. Enterprise with CQC authentication certificate and sign the mark after using the talks book, can be in the product certification, and propaganda material using confession authentication certificate and "section" the word mark.